A Casper man died last week after being hit by a pickup truck while walking his dog, and authorities are investigating alcohol use by the man who was struck.

Rick Norman, 64, passed away at Wyoming Medical Center, according to Lt. Kyle McKay of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The crash occurred at 7:22 p.m. Thursday on Cole Creek Road near milepost 1.8.

According to McKay, Norman was wearing dark clothing and was walking with his dog in the southbound lane just past a hill crest after sunset. A southbound 2000 Dodge Ram pickup crested the hill.

Due to the darkness, headlights from oncoming traffic, limited sight distance and limited reaction time, the driver of the Dodge was unable to avoid hitting Norman, despite efforts to do so.

When the driver saw Norman walking about three feet inside the fog line, he swerved the Ram to the left and applied the brakes. As the Dodge swerved, the passenger-side mirror hit Norman, as did the right-rear fender.

Norman was thrown to the ground on the shoulder of the southbound lane. The Dodge skidded to a stop facing south in the northbound lane, and the driver turned the pickup around and stopped with his headlights shining on Norman so that he could render aid.

Just prior to the crash, McKay said, another motorist had called the pedestrian in as a hazard, due to Norman walking in the roadway after sunset.

Alcohol use by Norman is being investigated as a contributing factor.

The roadway was dry and weather was clear at the time of the crash.

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