Casper police arrested a man who, with two juveniles, broke into and stole guns from vehicles in Paradise Valley and south-central Casper, according to the charging document filed in Natrona County Circuit Court on Friday.

Brendon Brimmer, 18, was charged with two counts of aggravated burglary and one count of conspiracy for an alleged crime spree late Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the charging document.

The case began Wednesday morning when a detective began investigating a report of an auto burglary on Zinnia Street in Paradise Valley and then a similar burglary on nearby Little Moon Trail.

The detective also investigated a similar incident on East 15th Street. Other vehicles were ransacked in the area.

Firearms were taken in all the burglaries, and ballistic vests were taken in the burglary on Zinnia Street.

An eyewitness to the 15th Street burglary identified a tall, thin male trying to get into the vehicle and leaving in what appeared to be a light-colored Chevrolet Tracker.

Thursday morning, the detective saw a Chevrolet Tracker parked at Kelly Walsh High School, obtained the identification of the juvenile driver, and contacted a campus supervisor to ask the driver to go to the parking lot.

The driver told the detective he had been committing auto burglaries with Brimmer late Tuesday and early Wednesday. The juvenile, 17, said he was the driver for all burglaries, and broke into the vehicle on East 15th Street.

This juvenile said another juvenile, 15, was with them. He said the 15-year-old and Brimmer broke into the vehicle on Zinnia Street and took an AR-15 rifle and the ballistic vests.

After they were done on East 15th Street, they went to the 15-year-old's residence in Mills. The 17-year-old also said the 15-year-old stole a pistol from a pickup near the Wyoming Behavioral Institute.

A Mills police officer and a Natrona County Sheriff's deputy went to the 15-year-old's residence, received permission from his mother to search the residence and found the AR-15, the vests, magazines, and a .44-caliber revolver.

The 15-year-old was taken to the Casper police station where, after being advised of his rights, told the detective about committing the burglaries.

A search of his mobile phone found texts related to planning the burglary. The search also revealed a photo of him holding the AR-15 and a pistol, and wearing a vest with the revolver tucked into the side of the vest.

The charging document did not indicate if Brimmer was interviewed, nor did it say whether the juveniles were arrested.

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