A convicted felon who allegedly strangled and threatened his girlfriend was arrested last week after police found pot and a gun in his car, according to court documents.

Elijah Algiene, who was born in 1992, was arrested after Casper police officers checked out a report of a disturbance on the morning of Dec. 1. The caller told dispatch that a man was in an apartment on Whispering Springs and would not leave.

An officer found Algiene in a gold Lexus across the street from the apartment, according to the affidavit. Algiene reportedly told the officer that he had been in an argument with his girlfriend at his apartment on Walnut Street, and he alleged that she threatened him.

Algiene also told the officer that his girlfriend took money from him, so he followed her to the apartment on Whispering Springs to get the money back, according to court documents.

He allegedly admitted to being in the apartment, but said he had permission from the homeowner.

But when officers talked to Algiene's girlfriend, she told a much different story.

The victim told police she was at Algiene's apartment when he pushed her against a wall and put his hands around her throat. Algiene allegedly hit the victim's head against the wall at least three times, and against a thermostat box on the wall.

The victim told police she left and called a friend who took her back to the friend's apartment on Whispering Springs.

Algiene allegedly called the victim and her friend several times before walking into the friend's apartment, uninvited.

The victim said Algiene then told her he would beat her up and kill her, according to the affidavit.

Outside the apartment on Whispering Springs, Algiene reportedly allowed police to search his vehicle.

Officers allegedly smelled and then found a little more than three grams of marijuana.

They also found a 9mm pistol in the car. The gun did not have a round in the chamber, but it did have a full 12-round magazine inside, according to court documents.

Police later found a .45-caliber pistol that belonged to Algiene, according to an evidence report.

The affidavit says Algiene is a felon, having been convicted of several violent crimes. It is a federal crime for a felon to own, possess or use a firearm or ammunition.