Casper police arrested a man who allegedly exchanged punches with his brother before pointing a loaded handgun at his face on Saturday.

Cody Lounsberry, 25, was arrested for aggravated assault. If charged as a felony, he could face up to 10 years in prison.

Police were called to a fight in the driveway of a home in the 1200 block of Boxelder shortly before 8:30 p.m. Saturday. The initial report said three people and two guns were involved in the fight.

An officer arrived to find two men -- one of them later identified as Lounsberry -- with blood on each of their faces. The officer separated the pair and spoke with Lounsberry.

Lounsberry said, according to an affidavit, that he and his brother had a few beers before going to the house for a barbeque. At some point, the two started arguing over "ballistics for a .308 rifle."

Lounsberry said his brother swung a fist at him, and the two exchanged multiple blows before Lounsberry wrestled his brother to the ground. Lounsberry claimed he straddled his brother and pulled his 9mm Glock 17 from a concealed holster, shoving the gun in his brother's face and asking "are you done?"

The gun had a round in the chamber, Lounsberry told the officer.

Lounsberry's wife came outside and took the gun from Lounsberry. After she took the gun inside, a man from across the street showed up with a rifle. Lounsberry said the man pointed the gun at his and his brother's faces and told them to, "knock it off."

Another police officer interviewed Lounsberry's brother, who told largely the same story. He, however, said he took the gun from Lounsberry when Lounsberry's wife came outside and started yelling, distracting Lounsberry.

All three of the men were taken to the Casper Police Department to be interviewed by a detective. Lounsberry was arrested for aggravated assault and taken to jail. His blood-alcohol concentration was .103.

His brother was taken to Wyoming Medical Center for a cut lip.

A neighbor, Carrie Ferraiuolo, captured video of the incident and shared it with K2 Radio.

WARNING: This video contains strong language.

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