Police arrested a man late Friday after he allegedly 'choke-slammed' and punched his girlfriend during an argument.

Jesse Dean Bordeaux, 30, was booked into jail on a domestic battery charge.

Police responded to a home on East 12th Street shortly before 11 p.m. Friday after Bordeaux called police and said he had been in an argument with his girlfriend.

Bordeaux apparently said the fight was "physical but not it's just verbal," according to charging papers. He also said he had been drinking.

Upon arriving at the apartment, an officer found the victim with blood on her chin, blood in her right nostril, a cut lip and redness around her neck resembling a handprint.

The officer asked the victim if she needed medical attention, to which the victim reportedly responded, "No, he punched me but he is a b---- and I can take it."

The victim told police Bordeaux had been drinking and got mad when he couldn't find his keys. Bordeaux would later tell officers he had "a couple" of 40-oz. beers and wanted to go get more beer.

Bordeaux, the victim said, blamed her for stealing his keys. She told him she didn't have them, but Bordeaux believed she was lying.

The victim said Bordeaux started to scream and yell at her, so she went into her children's room with her dog. Bordeaux followed her into the room, where they "continued to argue because she was crying," court documents say.

Bordeaux kept yelling at the victim and told her he was going to "treat her like a b----," charging papers say, before he 'choke-slammed' her onto the table with his right hand and punched her in the face with his left.

The victim said she kicked Bordeaux in his groin and punched him in return. She was able to move away from him, and then Bordeaux reportedly began to record the victim defending herself.

Bordeaux, the victim told police, walked over to the front door and walked out. The victim locked the door behind him.

Bordeaux claimed he was attacked and said he only pushed the victim with an open hand to protect himself.

"[Bordeaux] doesn't know how [the victim] ended up with a bloody lip, nose, chin, or prints around her throat," a police officer wrote in charging documents.

Police arrested Bordeaux and took him to jail, where a portable breath test indicated Bordeaux's blood-alcohol concentration to be .16 -- twice the legal limit to drive.

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