A Casper man was arrested early Sunday morning after police busted a house party where minors were allegedly drinking alcohol.

Michael Steven Mildren, 31, was booked into jail on recommended charges of permitting house parties where minors are present and five counts of giving alcohol to minors, all misdemeanor charges. He will likely make his initial appearance in Natrona County Circuit Court at 2 p.m. Monday.

Charging documents say that at roughly 1 a.m. Sunday, a Casper police officer was dispatched to an apartment on Herrington Drive for a report of an open 911 call with the sounds of a loud party.

The officer arrived and saw three teens walk into the apartment, as well as two teens down the street in the passenger seat of a Ford Ranger.

Two female juveniles and one male exited the apartment and started talking with another person who was standing on the porch drinking a beer. The juvenile male reportedly said he was "hammered" and that he had consumed several drinks.

Three additional juvenile males then exited and started to walk away from the apartment. The officer then approached and ordered everyone back inside.

Two juveniles ran back inside the apartment and slammed the door, while one male ran south and the two girls ran north.

The officer was able to catch up with the girls before returning to the front door and knocking. Nobody answered as the officer continued to knock, and after an extended period of time, the officer put the two girls inside a patrol car after they got cold.

Portable breath tests showed the girls had blood-alcohol concentrations of .046 and .047, respectively, before the girls were released to parents.

Officers kept knocking at the front door, telling the owner to open up or officers would force their way through the door. Mildren then opened the door, saying he was having a party but nobody underage was drinking.

Mildren told officers they could not come inside, and denied that any minor had been at the party.

Officers went into the apartment and completed a safety sweep of the upstairs rooms, according to court documents. The bathroom and closet doors were locked, and three people were laying on a bed with all their clothes on, reportedly pretending to be asleep.

Inside the closet, an officer found six people, three of them "obviously under age" and apparently intoxicated.

Mildren was arrested due to the presence of minors. Portable breath tests reportedly showed three minors with blood-alcohol concentrations of .076, .087 and .04, respectively.

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