A Casper man has been arrested for DUI after allegedly striking his daughter and failing a sobriety test.

63-year-old Joseph Phipps was called to the Verda James Elementary School to pick up his daughter after a fight had occurred there late on Friday night.

The Casper Police Officer who called Phipps to pick up the girl says the truck then drove about 20-30 feet when it abruptly stopped, and the daughter jumped out shouting, “He’s drunk!” She also alleged that Phipps had struck her.

The officer said the girl had a swollen lip, and he says Phipps admitted he had backhanded her for being belligerent.

The officer says he smelled alcohol and that Phipps admitted he had been drinking. The officer ordered a field sobriety test which Phipps failed.

He was arrested, and when booked, it was found his vehicle registration was wrong, and he had no insurance.

Phipps has been charged with those offenses along with DUI and child endangerment.