A man was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly busting out of the Wyoming Behavioral Institute and stealing a man's car.

Jason Christopher Billings, 35, was booked on a robbery charge.

Charging papers say a man called 911 shortly before 8:50 p.m. Tuesday to report his vehicle been stolen. He told police the man who stole his car had a handgun and threatened to kill him.

Meanwhile, WBI contacted police and reported the escape of a patient, Jason Billings, whose description matched that of the alleged carjacker.

The man who called police said he arrived at his home on East 15th Street in his 1996 Nissan Maxima and, after getting out of his car, was "rushed" by Billings.

Billings allegedly grabbed the man by the shirt and demanded the car keys. The victim refused.

Billings reportedly said he had already killed two people, and he would make the victim his third. The victim told police he saw what he believed to be a gun in Billings' hand, so he gave him his keys.

Court documents say Billings got in the car and took off.

At 9:40 p.m. an Evansville police officer found the stolen car at Eastgate Travel Plaza on Hat Six Road. Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers, Natrona County Sheriff's Deputies, Evansville police and Casper police all responded to establish a perimeter.

Dispatchers called the travel plaza, and staff confirmed Billings was in the store.

Officers went inside and arrested Billings without incident. Charging papers even say Billings was "cooperative and courteous" with officers.

In his interview with a detective, Billings said he was involuntarily committed to WBI on Monday. He came up with a plan to get out and, after multiple attempts, managed to escape WBI's custody.

Billings said he ran down a hill where he saw the carjacking victim pull into his driveway. He waited for the victim to get out of his car before running up to him and demanding the keys.

The man refused, so Billings said he grabbed him by the shirt and said, "I just need your car, I don't want to hurt you."

The victim then put the keys in Billings' hand, and he drove to Eastgate Travel Plaza to get fuel.

But Billings accidentally locked the keys inside the car. He was trying to get another ride out of the area when police found him.

He reportedly said his plan had been to go "on the run," cutting all ties with family and loved ones. During the police interview, Billings asked for a pen and paper, then started writing an apology letter to everyone involved in Tuesday's incident.

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