This is the first article in what will become a series of write-ups highlighting local talent in Natrona County.

Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media
Travis Glasgow; Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media

I invited Glasgow to coffee at Scarlows, but incidentally opted for tea as it was after noon.

I always notice when someone orders something caffeinated past two.

Glasgow goes for espresso, so it comes as no surprise that he is a night-owl, and he creates much of his art when some of us (ahem) are headed to sleep.

For anyone who doesn't already know, he's a graphic artist, although he modestly calls himself a hobbyist, not an artist.

Townsquare Media wrote about his work in September after he released new pieces, and I was happy to sit with him and chat about his newest project, titled Ravenous Moon:

Travis Glasgow Courtesy
Travis Glasgow Courtesy

For Glasgow, making art is a passion, not a job.

He doesn't set a rigid timeline for art projects to be started or completed--he said the raven piece took about a week, but it's always different.

He starts something new when he's inspired, which he admitted is a little harder in the winter.

By day he works as an app developer.

Glasgow shared that he's an avid hiker and runner, which is a fuel for his creativity.

It's hard to miss the obvious influence the landscapes of Wyoming have had on his art as he often uses photographs he's taken of the outdoors to infuse into pictures and illustrations of wildlife.

We talk about the artist's block, akin to writer's block, and his trick-- "just go on a run and get it sorted out."

Music is also a big part of his creative process. Glasgow said he was listening to Waylon Jennings when the idea for the raven came to him, which makes sense.

Moody. Dark. Outlawish, for sure.

And while Glasgow has been dabbling in graphic art for about twenty years now, he said he believes his best work has come in the past few years.

He feels more focused than ever, and is feeling good about things moving right along in 2023.

You can find his artwork at

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