Two people were arrested in the early hours of Wednesday after police searched their home and allegedly found a significant amount of drugs and paraphernalia.

Tommy Davis, 45, was jailed on recommended charges of conspiracy and four counts of possession.

Tracey Hanlin, 44, was booked on a conspiracy charge as well as three counts of possession.

Court documents say shortly before 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, Casper police officers executed a search warrant at a home on South Nebraska. Officers explained the situation to Davis and Hanlin, who were present, and began their search.

On Davis's person, police allegedly found roughly three-fourths of a gram of meth and $1,081 in cash. Davis's backpack allegedly contained two syringes which had .71 grams of meth inside, a scale, a spoon, a funnel and jeweler's bags.

A silver plate with suspected meth residue was found in the top drawer of a television stand. Another silver plate with suspected meth residue, as well as a straw and razor blade on it, was found in the bedroom Hanlin and Davis shared.

A dresser in their bedroom allegedly contained a meth bong, a large quantity of jeweler's bags, a scale, weight box for the scale and an unused box of hypodermic needles, as well as a green Crown Royal bag which contained two loaded needles with suspected meth and a small glass lid with suspected meth.

Next to another dresser, police allegedly found a grey lunch box with marijuana paraphernalia, liquid marijuana and pipe cleaners.

Beneath Hanlin's purse, police allegedly found a loaded syringe. A bag of hydrocodone pills was allegedly found inside Hanlin's purse.

A small camo lockbox with suspected marijuana inside was found as well.

Davis allegedly admitted that all the drugs in the house were his. He said nothing belonged to Hanlin.

When asked about the pills in Hanlin's purse, Davis claimed he had put them inside the purse and said she had nothing to do with it. Davis refused to say anything further about the alleged sales of illegal drugs inside his home.

Hanlin reportedly told police that she and Davis had been selling both meth and marijuana for the past couple of months. She said Davis conducted most of the sales and was in charge of dealing with everything being sold inside the home.

Hanlin allegedly said Davis would sell an eighth of an ounce of methamphetamine each day from the home. Hanlin would not deal with getting new supplies of meth, she said, but knew Davis was getting his meth from a known, but unnamed source.

Hanlin said she was unsure how much marijuana was sold from the home.

Hanlin and Davis were arrested and taken to jail. Officers collected and logged evidence.

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