The Wyoming Association of Risk Management has been juggling claims for damage from the Cole Creek Fire for the last few months.

And those claims for property damage are substantial. But the overall pool of money available to pay those claims, should the city of Casper be found responsible, is $500,000. That's it, and it cannot, by statute, be increased.

So, WARM has decided to file what's called an interpleader action in District Court. This would put the onus on the court to decide, not only responsibility for the fire, but who gets how much out of the half-million dollar pot.

WARM Executive Director Joe Constantino told K2 Radio News that there are judgement calls to be made. If one is uninsured, should they move ahead of those with insurance, or should they be penalized for not purchasing insurance? Or should an insurance company that is trying to cut it's payout be moved ahead in line?

WARM recommends that all victims of the fire be involved in this action. To find out more, click HERE...




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