The Casper City Council unanimousy agreed to contribute a minimum of $3 million for a second sheet of ice at the Casper Ice Arena.

The Casper City Council has been talking about the amount it spends on the arena and how it can save money for a while now.

Last November then-Vice Mayor Bruce Knell had said that  because of how much the city is spending on things like roads, it is difficult for the council to afford something like another sheet of ice.

Ray Pacheco said that it would be good to get a second sheet of ice, but he also doesn't think the city has enough money to fund it.

SEE: Casper Council Talks Savings at the Ice Arena. 

At the Casper City Council meeting on Tuesday, City Manager Napier asked the council to either give a green light or a red light to approve adding a second sheet of ice at the Casper Ice Arena.

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Mayor Bruce Knell said, "they have investors online already that are willing to step up to the plate and put money to this project, but they will not commit until the city says yea or nay."

Casper Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Director Zulima Lopez said she was in favor of approving the expense.

"We cannot eliminate the subsidy without a second sheet" said Lopez.

"I think that the Casper area--and surrounding communities included--are really at a pivotal point in time where there is a lot going on surrounding sports in our community and this would just be one more weapon in the arsenal to really position Casper as a destintaion for sports."

Lopez offered some ideas for zeroing the subsidy at the Ice Arena including selling malt beverages. She said they know with certainty they would qualify for a permit to sell beer.

"We believe that coupled with some enhancements to our full concession offerings, enhancing their menu and chanigng product line--we could double our concession revenue at the ice arena."

They will also attempt to attract a junior hockey club that would pay $25K annually.

Another idea for helping eliminate the subsidy would be selling corporate sponsorships and advertising.

Lastly, rate increases.

As of right now it has yet to be determined how much the city will contribute.

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