Blood is thicker than, well, blood.

Early Friday morning, dispatchers received a call from Matthew Jenkins, who told them his face "'was all f-----d up,'" according to a police affidavit filed with Natrona County Circuit Court.

Matthew Jenkins further explained he had been assaulted by his brother Curtis Jenkins, but couldn't talk on account of his face "'being messed up,'" according to the affidavit.

Casper Police responded to Jenkins' apartment on South Chestnut street where the lights were on and the music was loud and Matthew was inside.

"Officers noted M. Jenkins bleeding from the nose with blood over his mouth and chin," according to the affidavit.

They asked to speak to him outside, but he had difficulty sitting still without enduring pain in his face, legs and arms.

An officer called for an ambulance, and Matthew went in the apartment to wash his face.

He told officers he, his brother and two women were drinking. The brother, Curtis, got upset with him because of a comment a week earlier, so Curtis punched Matthew in the face and left the apartment.

But there was a woman involved, according to one of the other women at the apartment.

Curtis saw a message from his girlfriend on Matthew's phone and interpreted that as being flirtatious, so they went at it, she told police.

They wrestled on the floor and broke a chair during the sibling melee. The woman yelled at Curtis to leave the apartment, which he did.

The ambulance arrived, an officer walked the injured Matthew to it, and he was taken to the Wyoming Medical Center for treatment.

Meanwhile, police found Curtis hiding in the laundry room of the apartment complex, handcuffed him and brought him to the front of the apartment.

Curtis, of course, had a different take on the altercation, according to the affidavit.

After waiving his Miranda rights, Curtis said he and his brother were drinking, but there was no fight.

"Matthew.Jenkins suffered his injury from running into a door," Curtis told police. "Curtis Jenkins had blood on his hand from wiping his nose."

Curtis' said his girlfriend was at the apartment earlier that evening, the brothers had a misunderstanding, they argued and he left to calm down.

Police learned Curtis had five "failure to appear" and "failure to comply" warrants. They booked him into the county jail on a charge of simple assault and battery.

At the hospital, Matthew was uncooperative with law enforcement. He wouldn't tell officers about any of his medical information or allow them to photograph his injuries, nor would he speak with a victim services representative.

Apparently, it's all about family because he told officers, "'If you can't box with your brother, who can you box with?'"