Casper’s longstanding archery club, Lost Arrow Archers, will host the 2023 Lost Arrow Archers 3-D Triple Crown (and Fun Shoot) presented by Stone Glacier during three separate weekends in February, March and April:

  •  Feb. 18-19
  • March 18-19
  • April 22-23, 2023

The tournament, which draws hundreds of archers annually from the Casper area and beyond, will be held indoors at the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo and will feature 40 unique 3-D targets, strategically placed obstacles, and shooting angles.

Each weekend represents a different “leg” of the Triple Crown, and those archers with the highest score in their class after the three legs will receive a custom-engraved belt buckle to commemorate their accomplishment. This per a release from the Long Arrow Archers, who also said:

Cash payouts will be given at each leg of the tournament.

Although the series maintains a competitive element, archers of all ages and skill levels are invited to shoot this course.

“Whether you elect to join the Triple Crown or not, this is a series of archery shoots folks won’t want to miss,” said Jordan Belser, Lost Arrow Archers club president. “Our members go out of their way to craft a course that’s fun for everyone, and we definitely keep bowhunters in mind when setting everything up. It’s a great reason to dust off your bow, avoid the winter weather, and get rid of the post-hunting season blues.”

In addition to the “shoots,” the events will feature high-end products for raffle from sponsors such as Stone Glacier, Argali, T&K Hunting Gear, Casper’s Absolute Archery and Day Six Specialized Gear, and more.

“We’re extremely grateful for the support we’ve received from our sponsors, and having a premier company like Stone Glacier on-board speaks volumes about their commitment to supporting the archers and bowhunters who play such a vital role in wildlife conservation efforts in Wyoming and beyond,” Belser said. “Stone Glacier has long supported archery clubs and charitable organizations across Wyoming and the Mountain West, and we’re excited to have them support us here in Casper.”

LOST ARROW Archers, Facebook
LOST ARROW Archers, Facebook

For more information about the Triple Crown, including shoot times, shooter classes, rules, regulations, and registration, please visit, follow Lost Arrow Archers on Facebook or contact Club President Jordan Belser at

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