Casperite Chris Bobo, 34, broke his own state record for longnose sucker with a fish weighing 2 pounds and 11.3 ounces from the North Platte River in early May.

The fish was 19.5 inches long with a girth of 9.25 inches, making it an inch and a half longer than his first record-breaking fish.

His previous record was set in 2021 with a 2-pound, 4.5 ounce fish, which was also from the North Platte River.

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According to Wyoming News NOW, Bobo said he caught both fish along the same stretch of river. Both times he was using a worm for fishing trout. “I took my son out and he caught a pretty nice-sized trout, and next thing you know my pole went off. I knew when I landed it I needed to head to the Game and Fish,” Bobo said.

Because Bobo had caught the fish on a Sunday, he had to keep the fish in a cooler overnight to take it to the Game and Fish office in Casper on Monday morning.

Experts at the University of Michigan's Zoology note that longnose sucker fish average 8.86 inches long--nearly a foot smaller than Bobo's catch!

The Game and Fish commented that catching a state record-breaking fish "is quite an accomplishment, but to break your own state record is pretty special."

The IGFA world record sits at 6 pounds and 9 ounces taken from the St. Joseph River in Michigan.

Think you caught a record fish? Check the list of record fish on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's website to see a complete list of the state's record breaking fish.

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