Doesn't Liz Cheney have enough money to run for re-election in Wyoming? How much does that seat in the U.S. House cost?

Former President George W. Bush will headline a fundraiser for Cheney on Oct. 18 in Dallas, a Republican source familiar with the event confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday morning. (FOX NEWS).

Probably quite a bit more if you've voted to impeach President Trump in the most conservator state in America.

It is reported that, as of July 6, 2021, Cheney has $1.9 Million in available campaign funds. 

But having a lot of cash on hand does not guarantee victory. In Wyoming's last race for governor 2 billionaires ran at the same time, Foster Fries and Sam Galiotos. Both lost to a man with far less money, Mark Gordon.

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Speculation is that perhaps George W. Bush is helping Liz Cheney because she is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who served as Bush’s vice president during his two terms (2001-2009) in the White House.

But others think that Bush & Cheney are just "deep state Trump Haters."

We can probably find more theories beyond that.

The event will be held in Texas NOT WYOMING! Right now Liz Cheney does make appearances in Wyoming but they are few and usually to a select audience.

Bush’s appearance at the event – he’s listed on the invitation as a "special guest" – is his first helping fellow Republicans running in the 2022 midterm elections. Word of the fundraiser was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. (Fox News).

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