A Friends of the Bridle Trail users group will meet for the first time on Friday evening.

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Bridle Trail users are urged to attend and bring their voice to a conversation on the future of the trail at Rotary Park.

Neil Benton is helping organize that effort.

"The purpose and goal of the users group is to gather users of the Bridle Trail and have them provide feedback on how the trail should look in the future. Also, to develop a users group that will potentially help maintain the trail."

The group is an outgrowth of recent action that happened in response to the near closure of parts of the trail after area landowners got fed up with some incidents of abuse. The trail system is made up of a number of historical easements and ill defined boundaries. In early Fall, landowners, county officials and others scrambled to put together a Bridle Trail committee tasked with finding a solution that satisfied all parties and kept the trail open for use.  Natrona County Park Department and Rotary Club representatives anticipate there will be changes made in the future, particularly, at the bottom of the trail. But Benton stresses that, at this first user group meeting, they want to inform and gather input.

"But really show our partners, the landowners, that we want to work together and maintain a viable trail in the long term."


The first meeting of the trail users group is at 6pm at the University Ag Resource Center, 2011 Fairgrounds road, Friday, December 16th. Benton suggests if your interested you can "Like" their Friends of the Bridle Trial Facebook page. He says it will be the best way to maintain contact and track future meetings and updates.