Of 227 Bridle Trail users responding to a Friends of the Bridle Trail survey, 70 percent say they use the trail in the winter off season and over 80 percent said they'd like to see winter parking made available. The survey didn't ask how many had been ticketed this year, for perhaps the first time, for parking on the county road in order to access the trail, but that ticketing is one reason the survey happened.

"Right now the big concern is the park is closed and people are being sited for tickets up there along the roadway where they use to park in the past. So really the big encouragement it to try to get them to open it year round, at least the parking area."

Neal Benton is spokesman for the group Friends of the Bridle Trail. He says the results have gone out to the Natrona County Commission and Parks Board and he hopes to meet with them soon to discuss ways to resolve the issue.



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