2 Casper area young adults are facing multiple charges, following an over-night crime spree.

According to Casper police, sometime late Monday night (September 19th) and early Tuesday morning (September 20th), 21-year old Donald Hensley and 19-year old Brenton Livermoore were involved in 3 separate aggravated burglary incidents and a burglary of an auto body shop.

The 2 started at the Eastridge Mall parking lot, where they pulled a gun on 1 parked motorist and demanded money.

Then while in a car, going down 12th street near CY Avenue, they bumped another motorist from behind a few times, before he pulled over.

The 2 then turned the gun on him with the same demand.

Later, the pair found a paperboy on Collins Drive and attempted the same routine.

Livermore ended up hitting him after he tried to walk away.

Also Hensley used a key that he had to enter the Straight Lines Paint and Auto store.

There the 2 took a laptop computer and some tools.

The pair were eventually caught by Mills police on Poplar Street.

Livermore tried to flee, because he had other warrants in Evansville and Billings, Montana.

He also gave a false name to Casper police when he was being interviewed, but then later admitted his real name.

Both Hensley and Livermore face 5 charges each, including 3 counts of aggravated burglary.

They are each being held at the Natrona County Detention Center, on $100,000 bail, and are awaiting arraignment.