Early this morning, Evansville Police say officers were on the look out for a suspect that left a scene in North Casper where a window was broken out of a residence and the woman inside was fleeing in fear for her safety.

Officers located the suspect, Tracy Olsen, in Evansville on 5th street in a silver passenger car with the rear driver's side tail light out and hanging by the wires.

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When officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect, he took off going westbound on Yellowstone HWY to Beverly and then getting on I-25.

After the suspect took the Poplar Street exit he attempted to turn south at the Poplar street light; he lost control of the car and exited the road way.

The suspect was given commands to exit the vehicle to which he turned up the radio in the car.

A standoff occurred before the suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Natrona County Detention facility.

The suspect has multiple charges from both Casper and Evansville.

Officers from Casper, Evansville along with Natrona County Sheriffs Office and WHP were involved.

Black Friday Yields Two Major Wrecks Within 10 Minutes of Each Other in Casper

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