Beartrap Summer Festival is coming and if you grew up rocking in the 80's, you'll be stoked to see the rad band; 'Hold The Line: A Tribute to TOTO' (HTL) on Casper Mountain Saturday August 6th. HTL will rock the stage beginning at 2:30pm.

Hold The Line is a tribute band 'super group' from Denver, with musicians and singers from multiple tribute bands honoring the likes of Journey, Steely Dan, Beatles and The Police to name a few. The band formed toward the end of 2020 to bring the sounds of TOTO to life.

The members that make up HTL are

Lead Vocalist: Shane Russell - Has had quite the career performing all over the US and on the oceans as a performer on cruise ships

Keyboard/Vocals: Bill Thode - Classically trained musician, lawyer and founder of HTL.

Drums: Jason Frantz - A road dog that's played drums on tours and in studios all over the world

Bass/Vocals: David Blakely - Lifelong musician that's travelled all over the world playing thanks to a meeting with Little Richard.

Guitar: Joe Reyes - Has played a wide variety of musical styles and been involved with guitar since he was a 15 year old in Los Angeles.

During their set at Beartrap Summer Festival you'll hear TOTO tunes like: Africa, Rosanna, I Won't Hold You Back and the inspiration for the bands name....Hold The Line.

If you love 80's rock, you're going to love 'Hold The Line: A Tribute To TOTO' up on Casper Mountain August 6th. Get your tickets now at Bear Trap Summer

Here's a sample of what you're going to get from Hold The Line: A Tribute to TOTO.

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