Spelling bees have gotten intense.

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Used to be, you'd stand on stage (or in a classroom) and take turns spelling words like CHEESE. But with the Natrona County School District, spelling bees are no joke.

According to a press release from the NCSD, numerous students from grades 2-8 participated in a district-wide spelling bee, and it was Benjamin Munger, a 4th grader from Bar Nunn Elementary, who earned 1st place.

"The Natrona County School District Spelling Bee, held on February 8th, 2022, proved to be another year of literacy excellence and celebration for student participants," the release stated. "Students not only showcased their tremendous spelling skills and talents, but they also displayed their good sportsmanship and public speaking skills."

According to the release, students from across the district had to complete a round of written tests, including three tests consisting of multiple-choice spelling and vocabulary words and one written spelling test, to even make it to "the big show;" the oral round portion.

The release stated that 25 students moved on to the oral round, competing against each other to prove, once and for all, who Natrona County's best speller really was.

"These tremendous twenty-five literary masters wowed the audience with their exceptional spelling skills," the release noted.

In the end, it was Benjamin Munger who took home the top spot, but the top five students will move on to the State Spelling Bee to sharpen their skills and showcase their spelling.

According to the release, the top five students were:

  • 1st Place - Benjamin Munger, 4th grade, Bar Nunn Elementary
  • 2nd Place - Wyatt Leeper, 3rd grade, Park Elementary
  • 3rd Place - Grady Feicht, 4th grade, Summit Elementary
  • 4th Place - Krosby Anderson, 3rd grade, Park Elementary
  • 5th Place - Tyler Clements, 4th grade, Summit Elementary

Congratulations to those five students, as well as everybody else that participated in the spelling bee. Congratulations, also, to the Natrona County School District Spelling Bee Coordinator, Amanda Haptonstall. She did a fine job with the spelling bee and her enthusiasm was contagious.

“We would like to congratulate all of the student participants for their outstanding work, and for sharing their spelling talents with us as part of the Spelling Bee," Haptonstall stated. "Also, we want to thank our judges for their volunteer work and commitment to supporting students!”


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