The average price for a gallon of gas in Wyoming jumped 2.5 cents last week to $3.48, according to and its survey of nearly 500 gas stations statewide.

“It about the same as it was a month ago,” senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan said. “We do expect another week of quietness.”

DeHaan said, nationally, he doesn’t expect much price movement in either direction.

“The national average is virtually the same as it was a week ago, a month ago – there’s really not a whole not influencing things right now,” DeHaan said. “Oil prices are up, they’re down, there’s a lot of speculative money in oil, but we’re not seeing any significant movements any time in the short term.”

Gas is selling for $3.32 in Casper, $3.33 in Cheyenne and $3.37 in Laramie. The national average is $3.63.