There's a new business as of this week in Casper's La Bottega, the one-stop beauty and wellness building featuring dozens of the industry's local experts and entrepreneurs.

Ginny Jondal is a licensed esthetician who opened her shop, "Aria's Esthetics," this week.

"I had my eye on this suite at La Bottega for a few months, I just had to wait for the timing to be right for me and my family" said Jondal.

Jondal said she's lived in Casper for all 33 years of her life.

She's had a lot of fun decorating and getting the space ready as it was just "a plain white box" in the beginning.

"One meaning of Aria is Lioness of God. I wanted to incorprate that into my journey and business because my strength and love for people comes from my faith" said Jondal of the business' unique name.

The shop is a tranquil space meant to be a place of peace for clients with their  busy lives. She said it's a space "where people feel accepted and valued."

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"I know many people struggle with their skin, whether it is acne, aging, discoloration or scarring, and they will often struggle alone from the fear of judgement or from the financial burden some treatments may cost. I want to provide affordable care and  a judgement free space where all feel comfortable."

Jondal said she struggled with acne as a teen; her mother took her to a dermatologist who prescribed creams.

And while she values dermatology--"Looking back, I feel that if I had the opportunity to have monthly exfoliation treatments, more education on active ingredients and proper home regimens, that I would have had better outcomes."

Some of the services you can expect from the shop include full body waxing and spa facials along with microdermabrasion, hypodermabrasion and oxygen facials.

She also has the only infra-red sauna in the building, which gets to a toasty 150 degrees!

An infra-red sauna; Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media
An infra-red sauna; Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media

Aria's Esthetics is open by appointment only.

She can be reached at (307) 797-9414 |

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