A recent appraisal of Bureau of Reclamation trailer park property at Alcova has lessees less than happy about a possible $450.00 dollar a year increase.

The yearly lease price has steadily risen from $840 in 2003 to a proposed $2450 in 2012.

Natrona County Parks Director, Mike Haigler, says appraisal of the public land is done to ensure that revenue matches its market value.

Haigler suggests, in a situation like this, where public land turns quasi-private, its important.

"In other words, you and I can't go out and go into the trailer park and have a trailer, cause all those people are there and they pay their lease and there's no getting them out of there."

Haigler says the property will likely be reappraised.

The final adjustment would be good for the next five years with the county's agreement with the Bureau of Rec up for renewal in 2016.