"I thought today was going to be the day" said the victim, walking into Wyoming Medical Center.

"The day?" asked the accompanying Sergeant.

"The day I was going to die."

That conversation was documented in an affidavit accompanying a case that came before the Natrona County District Court, involving aggravated assault, two counts of domestic battery, false imprisonment, and strangulation.

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Michael A. Brundige, 43, heard the charges from Judge Joshua Eames today, Feb. 3.

In a plea agreement, the state agreed to drop one of the aggravated assault charges, false imprisonment, and strangulation.

Brundige pleaded no contest.

The state will ask for a 4- to 8-year prison sentence and restitution in the amount of $1,065.14 for the crimes victim fund.

On the day he was arrested Brundige and the victim were found in a vehicle parked in the middle of Hat Six Road. He told responding officer the victim was "having a seizure."

The victim was bleeding from her mouth, had visible marks on her forehead and eyebrows, and a black eye forming. After taking Brundige into custody she told the officer that Brudige had slapped, punched, kicked, and strangled her as well as pulled her hair.

The victim told authorities that two weeks before the day Brundige was arrested for physically harming her on Aug. 24, he "had poured gasoline on her and their bedroom, and threatened to light her on fire."

Brundige's public defender, Natrona County district Court Assistant Marty Scott asked that the judge modify bond from $100,000 cash or surety to $10,000 cash or surety, keeping in mind the cold plea provision in place.

The prosecuting attorney, Blayne Nelson, said the cold plea provision should not be persuasive to the court.

Risk of flight is a significant factor in Brundige's case, said Nelson, as is the three other violent crimes he was previously convicted of.

Nelson added that the victim is a member of Natrona County, and therefore it would be a risk to her safety should Brundige be let out on bond.

Judge Eames continued the bond conditions and said that sentencing will take place two to four months from now.

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