A $50,000  gift from Uranium One to the Midwest Community Health Center will help fund the clinic for the next year, that according to Clinical Director, Mike Smith.

"This gives us the breathing room that we have tried to get for the last six years. It gives us an opportunity to work without being under that constant pressure of get 'er done or die."

Smith says six years ago they started out as a blood pressure clinic for seniors and have expanded to offer over twenty different healthcare programs working out of the Midwest Townhall -  a building that originally functioned as a hospital back in 1923 during the heyday of the oil field. The clinic is now open two days and one evening a week  serving the Midwest and Edgerton area. He says they're always busy.

With the drive to the next nearest health care provider some 45 miles or more away, Smith says, some folks don't always seek the care they need.

"We've got a lot of that population out there that either doesn't have the transportation, or doesn't have money for the transportation. They get to the point where they're too sick to go and then, do they call for an ambulance?  'Oh God, I don't want to do that.' So this gives them someplace to get started. A lot of folks don't know that they need to see a doctor."

Smith says they're recruiting a new medical director- the first doctor the clinic will have on staff.

Uranium One has one of its projects located about 30 miles from Midwest.

Donna Wichers, for Uranium One, says the gift is just one way they can give back to the community.  Two years ago, Uranium One also donated $75,000 for an ambulance for the Salt Creek Emergency Services.