The results are in and Natrona County has voted against adopting the Specific Purpose sixth cent sales tax, with a final vote of 46.84% (3307 votes) for it, and 53.16% (3753 votes) against it.

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The purpose of the sales tax was to help raise $4.3 million to fund two infrastructure projects in Natrona County; the Midwest Avenue Project and the Salt Creek Waterline Project.

The Midwest Avenue Project sought to use $2.3 million to rebuild the remaining section of infrastructure between Walnut and Poplar Streets. The project has been going on since 2019.

The Salt Creek Waterline Project would utilize $2 million to replace eight miles of pipeline between Midwest and Edgerton. The majority of this project has been funded by a state grant, but it still requires additional funding that would have come from local funds.

Earlier this week, K2 Radio News reported that the ETC Institute conducted a survey in June that showed broad support for continuing one cent tax and completing the two aforementioned projects.

The survey showed that over 60% of people in Natrona County were very likely or somewhat likely to support the reconstruction on Midwest Avenue and the waterline between Midwest and Edgerton.

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