A Wyoming woman was recently sentenced after being convicted for falsely claiming a police officer sexually assaulted her.

The Wyoming US Attorney's Office announced that 56-year-old Kinnear resident Benita Louise Smith was given two years of supervised probation along with a $100 special assessment fee.

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According to the US Attorney's Office, police were called to a residence on the Wind River Reservation in October 2020. When they arrived, officers learned Smith had an active arrest warrant.

After she was arrested and taken to jail, Smith falsely claimed the arresting officer sexually assaulted her on the way to the facility.

Authorities say dash camera footage from inside the patrol vehicle refuted Smith's claims and she retracted her allegations after a formal investigation began.

"Actual victims of sexual assault never really stop suffering," US Attorney Bob Murray said in a prepared statement. "They suffer physical pain during and after the assault. They must become stronger every day because they suffer emotionally every day. And when they bravely stand up, they still face devastating attacks on their credibility.

"A false accusation of sexual abuse is a despicable criminal act. It is a silent thief that steals so much from actual victims. This office and our law enforcement partners will continue to work hard and do our part to ensure these crimes are punished."

The FBI investigated the incident.

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