With the 2023 General Session of the Wyoming Legislature getting underway on Jan. 10, Wyoming residents can track floor debate, progress of bills and other topics related to the session online at the legislature's website.

Among the resources available at the site are a complete listing of bills that have been filed. The text of every bill is listed as soon as the legislation has been assigned a formal bill number. Amendments to the legislation and votes on the bills as they move through the legislative process are also listed. According to a news release from the Legislative Service Office:

''The status for bills in the House and Senate can be tracked via the legislative website by clicking on the “View and Track Legislation” link on the homepage, or the 2023 General Session Bills link under Legislation in the lower portion of the website. Additionally, residents can find information about how their legislators voted by clicking on the “Votes” tab on each individual bill page. The results are posted after each roll call vote is taken.

Information regarding the dates and times of standing committee meetings and House and Senate daily floor schedules are also available. Calendars of floor proceedings in the Senate and House are posted in the late afternoon for the next day’s activities, which includes the legislation under consideration and the general order of business. You can also sign up to receive the committee notices and floor calendars electronically through the Legislature’s  e-mail subscription service.''

People can watch both lived and archived proceedings on the website's youtube channel.

The session is slated to run through March 3. The legislature alternates roughly month-long budget sessions with two-month general sessions. Non-budget items can and are introduced during a budget session, but take a 2/3 majority vote to be considered.

A simple majority is needed to introduce a bill on any topic during a general session.

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