Governor Mark Gordon has signed bills into law dealing with outdoor recreation project funding, taxation of cigars, election security, and a long list of other topics.

Gordon signed the following bills into law on Thursday:

HEA0078 HB0185 Local government distributions-revisions.

HEA0079 HB0209 Hathaway scholarship accounts-transfer timing.

HEA0080 HB0089 State investment returns-adequate reserve funding.

HEA0081 HB0074 Wyoming outdoor recreation and tourism trust fund.

HEA0082 HB0017 State lands-grazing of non-owned livestock.

HEA0083 HB0022 State land lease deficiencies-cure process.

HEA0087 HB0052 Revisor's bill.

HEA0089 HB0014 Civil case filing fees-amendments.

HEA0090 HB0144 Senior citizen district programs and services.

HEA0093 HB0076 Licensing boards amendments.

HEA0094 HB0033 School finance-career technical education grants.

HEA0095 HB0064 Legislative stabilization reserve account-obligations.

SEA0077 SF0083 K-12 school facility leasing.

SEA0079 SF0061 Legislator per diem.

SEA0081 SF0167 Domestic violence protection hearings-remote appearance.

SEA0082 SF0152 Occupational therapist criminal history.

SEA0083 SF0099 Witnessing of wills-remote methods.

SEA0086 SF0153 Election security.

SEA0087 SF0164 Public improvement contract requirements-amendments.

SEA0088 SF0147 Government contracts-labor organization.

SEA0089 SF0094 Federal Indian Child Welfare Act codification.

SEA0091 SF0137 Subdivisions-fencing requirements.

SEA0095 SF0076 Wyoming digital asset registration act.

SEA0096 SF0066 School capital construction funding.

SEA0098 SF0042 Taxation of cigars

All of the bills were passed by the 2023 Wyoming Legislature, which wrapped up on March 3.

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