Wyoming Representative Mark Baker of Rock Springs has announced on his Facebook page that he is resigning his seat in the Legislature.

He says in the announcement that he is moving to Green River to start his own business, and therefore must step down. Here is his official statement...

Wyoming State Legislator Mark Baker (R/HD48) has announced that he will resign from the Wyoming State Legislature effective May 15, 2017. Rep. Baker will be moving from Rock Springs to Green River to start up his own small business. This move places Baker outside the boundaries of HD48 forcing him to resign his State House seat.

“I would like to thank all of my supporters, neighbors and friends in HD48. It has been a great honor to represent you in the State Legislature for the past five years,” said Rep. Baker. “My thanks also to the Sweetwater County Republican Party. It is a quality organization that has given me great support and I wish them all the best as they go through the process of choosing my successor.”

Sweetwater GOP officials from HD48 will convene and select three candidates to place before the Sweetwater County Commission. That body will then select the next State House member for HD48.

Wyoming GOP Chairman Matt Micheli stated that Baker is an excellent legislator who represented his constituents in HD48 well. “Mark will be missed in Cheyenne during the 2018 session and he has been an outstanding legislator. The people of Sweetwater County and HD48 should be proud of his service,” said Chairman Micheli. “Life events have taken Mark to a new city and new District, but I hope he is not done with public service. I know Mark has a lot to offer Wyoming and look forward to working with him in whatever capacity he chooses moving forward.”



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