The formal serving of a whistle blower suit charging Wyoming Medical Center with Medicare fraud was carried out yesterday. This was the same suit originally announced in October and filed by a former employee.

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In a statement released by Wyoming Medical Center officials  called the charges a mis-characterization of the hospital's actions while carrying out, what they describe as, complex Medicare reimbursement rules.

In 2007 former employee, Gale Bryden, charged the medical center with using fraudulent billing practices.

Here is the full statement released Wednesday;

Casper – January 4, 2012 – Wyoming Medical Center yesterday was served with a whistle blower suit originally filed by a former employee in 2007 alleging billing irregularities by WMC. This is the same suit that was unsealed in Federal court in October, 2011. The suit was required to be served on WMC in the normal course pursuant to the Court's unsealing order.
WMC strongly denies any intentional wrongdoing and will vigorously defend itself against these
allegations.  WMC believes that the Complaint completely mischaracterizes its actions.

The U.S. Department of Justice has been conducting an inquiry that was prompted by this suit. This inquiry relates to Wyoming Medical Center's compliance with complex Medicare reimbursement rules relating to the timing of physician admission orders and the medical necessity of certain inpatient stays that served to qualify patients for Medicare coverage at skilled nursing facilities.

WMC continues to cooperate with the government in its inquiry and hopes to have the matter
resolved in the near future. At no time have there been any questions regarding the quality of
care provided to patients at Wyoming Medical Center.

Wyoming Medical Center looks forward to continuing its mission to provide high quality healthcare to patients in the greater Casper area.