LOTTERY: Both houses of the Legislature voted to concur on a compromise over a bill that would authorize creation of a state lottery. The bill now heads to Gov. Matt Mead. The House and the Senate voted to approve a conference committee resolution that called for the first $6 million in proceeds to go to local governments and any proceeds after that to go to a fund that supports public schools.

APPOINTMENTS: The Senate voted not to confirm Gov. Matt Mead's appointments to the state Public Service Commission, Kara Brighton and William Russell. The Senate voted to reject them after Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, complained that they were both lawyers, as the last several commissioners also had been. Case, an economist, said he wanted to see other professions represented. Following that vote, Senate Majority Floor Leader Phil Nicholas, R-Laramie, said the Senate will vote Wednesday to reconsider the vote to reject the two.

HATHAWAY SCHOLARSHIP: The Wyoming Senate voted to approve a bill that would increase the requirements high school students would have to meet to apply for the top tiers of the state's Hathaway Scholarship. The House hasn't yet voted whether to concur with the amendments.

GUNS: The Wyoming State Senate to add a $250,000 appropriation to a bill originally intended to encourage bison hunting. The Senate specified that the money should go to the state Attorney General's Office for litigation to protect gun rights. The House would have to concur before the bill could go to Gov. Matt Mead.

EMINENT DOMAIN: The House voted to approve a bill to require entities seeking to use the power of eminent domain to condemn private property to pay a landowner's legal fees if the courts find they didn't offer a fair price for the land. The Senate voted not to concur with House amendments.

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