The Wyoming Business Council has hired David Carpenter of Casper as its Markets and Industry Manager, according to a press release.

"I understand the importance of a resilient and diverse economy and look forward to exploring new frontiers in pursuit of a prosperous future for Wyoming and its people," Carpenter said in the press release.

"I hope to bring my entrepreneurial spirit, unbridled curiosity, and unique perspective to deliver value to the state," he said.

Carpenter will help the Business Council strategy team as it carries out the state’s economic development strategy.

David Carpenter. Wyoming Business Council
David Carpenter. Wyoming Business Council

Carpenter had 15 years of experience working as an energy and land management professional before joining the Wyoming Gaming Commission to launch its online sports wagering program.

"His enthusiasm to dive in on projects, inquisitive mind, and analytical background will help the WBC identify how to position economic development in Wyoming to capitalize on emerging and existing industries and opportunities," said John Jenks, the Business Council's Economic Initiatives Director.

In 2022, the Wyoming Legislature approved funding for this new position for the Business Council to develop programs to study, grow, and attract diverse markets and industries.

Carpenter spent his early childhood in Wyoming before moving to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

He returned to Wyoming where he studied business economics and is studying for his Master of Business Administration at the University of Wyoming.

Carpenter and his artist wife Brianna McFarland have two children.

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