The Wyoming Highway Patrol doesn't just exist to pull you over when you're going 95 mph in an 80 on the freeway.

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That was proven recently when a mom reached out to the Wyoming Highway Patrol after being involved in a crash.

"A mother and daughter had been involved in a crash and needed a replacement car seat for four-year-old Nastasia," the Wyoming Highway Patrol wrote on their Facebook page. "The mom reached out to the Wyoming Highway Patrol to see if we could help. Thankfully, our Safety Education Program Coordinator, Sgt. Elazizi has secured private and public donations for situations such as these. Trooper Kittelson, trained in Child Passenger Safety, assisted the mother and daughter with a new seat. Trooper Kittelson instructed the mom on properly using the child seat and helped install it in the vehicle. Proper installation of a child seat is vital to keeping kids safe in a vehicle crash."

This would have only been possible through community donations that were made to the WHP which proves, yet again, that in Wyoming, we're all in this together.

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