Analysts with say Wyoming's average gas price has risen for the first time in several weeks.

“Prices jumped about six cents per gallon here in the last week, very similar to what we saw nationally – the national average rose about five cents per gallon to $3.30,” senior petroleum analyst Patrick Dehaan said. “Wyoming stands quite a bit under that – an average price of $3.08.”

DeHaan says prices tend to increase just before the start of the new year. But he also says reduced driver demand in January and February may put some temporary negative pressure on prices again.

“We may see a bit of a breather,” DeHaan said. “To motorists that are concerned about the recent run-up in price, I wouldn’t worry a whole lot – January and February tends to see lower gas prices than in other months.”

Gas is selling for as low as $2.78 in Casper and $2.86 in Cheyenne and Laramie.