Wyoming congresswoman Cynthia Lummis told state lawmakers in Cheyenne Monday that the federal government has mismanaged forestlands in Wyoming so badly that "catastrophic wildfires" are a real threat.

The Republican said the only exception to the poor management of national forest areas in Wyoming is the Black Hills National Forest in the northeastern part of the state, where an active forest products company has played a role in reducing the fire danger and helped improve overall forest management.

Lummis said it may be time to consider whether the state could do a better job of handling what are now federal forest lands, either through direct ownership or at least managment of those areas.

She says that idea is currently under discussion in congress.

The congresswoman also said one of her frustrations over the last few years has been a trampling of states' rights in general. She says that includes an erosion of the Tenth Amendment to the constitution, reducing the states' ability to control their own destinies.

Lummis recently announced she won't be a candidate for re-election this year.