We have gotten another reaction to the recent Donald Trump revelations, this time from the Republican candidate for the US House, Liz Cheney.

We contacted her campaign for an interview on Saturday, and Monday, her press office sent us this statement...

"There is no question that Donald Trump would be far better for Wyoming than Hillary Clinton. She would devastate our energy industry, name Supreme Court justices who will fail to uphold the Second Amendment, and expand the unconstitutional authority and control of federal agencies like the BLM and the EPA. She is a felon who has repeatedly put her self-interest above the national security interest of the nation. Trump's comments were appalling. Hillary's actions have been far worse. I will be voting for Donald Trump. A vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for Hillary." -Liz Cheney

We have repeated our request for an interview, but the campaign says she is traveling in an area with spotty cell service.


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