Wyoming drivers can now choose to have authorities notify next of kin in the event of an emergency. Wyoming Department of Transportation spokesman David Kingham said when getting or renewing a driver's license, people can elect to have emergency contact information filed with the department. The Wyoming Legislature approved the option last year.

The contact information is not on the driver's license, but the back of the license will indicate that the information is on file.

Emergency responders can use the information to contact relatives, said Mr. Kingham.

Critical knowledge:

"Potentially, in a life threatening situation, when time is of the essence, this could be something that could save a great deal of time tracking down the people that have the information that these emergency responders need."

And, the transportation department wants to emphasize this is optional.

Don't have to:

"We just want to emphasize that this is purely optional. If you don't want to provide that information, that's certainly your option, and if you do, the way it's set up, you provide a single name--there's only room on the application for a single person and their telephone and address contact information."