The other new important Wyoming Medical Center item it presented Saturday is not as imposing, nor as expensive, nor as functional as the McMurry West Tower's birthing and surgical rooms.

But the rounded, three-sided logo identifies the entire hospital to the world.

"With the opening of the new tower, we really are introducing ourselves as the new Wyoming Medical Center," spokeswoman Kristy Bleizeffer said.

"This is how we're going into the future, we built the tower around the needs that our patients had identified: having more community space for families and visitors and making the welcome and comfortable when they're here," Bleizeffer said.

For example, the healing garden immediately north of the new four-story, 100,000-square-foot tower relaxes patients so they no longer like they're in a hospital so much as in a place to concentrate on their healing, she said.

Hence the new three-sided logo, which resembles the one for web browser Google Chrome.

One side represents Casper, another represents the people of Natrona County, Bleizeffer said. The third side represents Wyoming because of the WMC's regional footprint, she added. "We serve a wide population across the state."

Its three colors -- brown, gold and black -- are found in the Wyoming landscape, she said.

It replaces the squiggly "WMC" the hospital used for about 15 years. Detractors of this logo derided it for looking like a snake eating a bug.

"We designed a shield logo that really represents our mission for over a hundred years of being here to protect your health and serve you as your community nonprofit hospital," Bleizeffer said.