The term "Touron" isn't new when it comes to describing tourists that come to Wyoming, but how can visitors avoid getting that title? It's really simple...accept the fact that you're a visitor to these great lands and follow the rules.

It seems folks lose their common sense when they get inside the borders of the least populated state in the United States, Wyoming. I've talked to many that have come here to visit and feel like the rules don't apply to them.

I heard a few stories recently from people that openly stated they broke the rules and put themselves in danger. One said that while visiting Yellowstone, they were purposefully within 10 yards of a Grizzly and her 2 cubs fully knowing they should not be. Another admitted that they had gone to Yellowstone and deliberately left the trails and walked across the hydrothermal areas. Not only did they both put themselves in danger, but they put potential rescue personnel in danger.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word "RULE" like this.

a statement that tells you what is or is not allowed in a particular game, situation, etc.

These "rules", "guidelines", "regulations" are put in place by Yellowstone National Park, but they're good to remember no matter where you are in the state.

  • Stay back from the the WILD ANIMALS. *** Stay at least 100 yds from Bears and Wolves and at least 25 from other big game (elk, deer, moose, antelope...etc)
  • Stay on the trails and boardwalks
  • DO NOT Swim in the hot springs where it is prohibited
  • DO NOT remove any natural resource from parks
  • DO NOT Travel Off Road in areas that is not designated for off road use
  • Camping in areas that are NOT classified as camping areas is prohibited
  • DO NOT Imitate any of the wildlife to try and lure them closer to your position.

These are simple RULES that are put into place to keep you and your fellow guests from getting hurt or causing injury to the wildlife or staff of the parks.

If you have any more questions of rules or issues while you're visiting Wyoming or the great National Parks, forests or landmarks, please contact Travel Wyoming, National Parks System, Wyoming Game & Fish, or WYDOT

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