We all know that these next summer months will have plenty of beer festivals on the way. In fact, Gov. Gordon just signed a proclamation that declared next week as 'Wyoming Craft Beer Week'. But what if you drink beer and you're not much of a craft beer guy or girl? What if you're someone who likes a good domestic, which happens to be relative cheap in comparison to all the fancy schmancy craft beers out there. So which one of those 'cheap beers' is the most popular in Wyoming?

Recently, our friends at 'Eat This, Not That' compiled a list of the 'Most Popular Cheap Beer' in every state. Given the fact that Wyoming does have its fair share of breweries, and its location relatively close to the headquarters for Coors beer, there was the curiosity surrounding the questions, 'Does Wyoming only drink craft beer?' 'Is Coors the favorite cheap beer of Wyoming?' To answer both of those, nope!

According to the study that was determined by using Google trends, it seems that the most popular cheap beer in Wyoming is Budweiser! After all, they are the 'King of Beers'. Here's what 'Eat This, Not That' had to say about Wyoming's most popular cheap beer:

Finally, Wyoming keeps is simple and classic with a cold Bud. The slogan the "King of Beers" was actually a play on the "Beer of Kings" which the Czechs called the style of pilsner since it was brewed at the imperial brewery of the Holy Roman Empire, according to Insider. Cheers!

Of course, Budweiser is a product originated at Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis, MO (where I'm from) so at least I was able to take some pride in that fact. Sorry that it doesn't do anything for you, unless you're from St. Louis, or perhaps you just like drinking Budweiser.

Colorado's favorite cheap beer is Keystone, which is made by the Coors brand, but they decided to be extra cheap on their part. It also tastes a lot worse than Coors Banquet and Coors Light, so we can revel in the fact that their cheap beer tastes gross.

Regardless, the weekend is just about upon us, so here's to craft beers, cheap beers like Budweiser, and even gross beers like Keystone! Cheers, Wyoming!

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