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A bill that was signed into law in the state of Washington this week would ban gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles starting in 2030.

While gas-powered cars made prior to model year 2030 will not be illegal, the registration of any gas-powered vehicle made in model year 2030 or later will not be allowed. That would include cars purchased in other states and brought into Washington.

Meanwhile, the American Lung Association this week issued a news release saying that in Wyoming, zero-emission cars--or cars powered by clean electricity generation--would save lives and reduce cases of asthma and absenteeism at work.

Despite all of that, electric vehicles haven't really caught on in Wyoming. According to WYDOT figures, only 456 purely electric cars are registered in Wyoming. While that doesn't take into account the number of hybrid electric/gasoline vehicles on Wyoming roads and highs, it's pretty clear that electric cars are not a hot commodity here.

There are a number of problems with electric cars in Wyoming, including the lack of charging stations around the state and the fact that the batteries used to power the vehicles don't work as well in cold weather. That's a problem in a state where winter weather is a strong possibility at least six months of the year or more even at lower elevations.

Many drivers also simply like the feel and handling of a gas-powered vehicle, not to mention the sound.

Having said all of that, technology tends to solve problems. There was a time when cell phones and home computers were reserved for the very rich and techno-geeks. Now, almost everyone has them.

So...would you consider an electric vehicle? How about five or ten years from now? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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