A leak in a heating system at Carbon County Memorial Hospital in Rawlins has led to the facility halting major services, including in-patient treatment and the hospital's surgery unit.

The emergency room, radiology unit, lab and administration wing remain open.

At 5 p.m. Monday, hospital officials announced that the operating room and portions of the medical unit were temporarily closed. Hours later, further water damage was discovered necessitating the full closure of the inpatient unit.

Hospital spokeswoman, Stephanie Hinkle, said a leaking hydronic heating system has caused severe water damage on multiple floors throughout the hospital. Water damage mitigation teams are on-site along with crews to determine a cause and ultimately repair the damage.

Patients who were being housed in the hospital were taken to other hospitals in the region depending on their specific needs, Hinkle said.

No patients were negatively impacted by the situation, Hinkle said.

A timeline for the hospital returning to full operation not been determined, but officials plan to continue emergency services in the event of additional water damage.

On Feb. 4, a sprinkler head was bumped and broken during routine cleaning of a patient area, releasing a large amount of water. However, the hospital says that incident was resolved and is unrelated to the present situation.

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