The Memorial Hospital of Carbon County recently announced that they will no longer be offering labor and delivery services.

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This news comes from a social media post the hospital shared on their Facebook page.

According to the post, the decision to close the Labor and Delivery services came after an extensive Executive Session of the April Board of Trustees Meeting.

“This was an incredibly difficult and emotional decision for the Board," said Rod Waeckerlin, the Board of Trustees Chair for Carbon County Memorial Hospital. "The cost of traveling nurses has played a significant role in the eroding cash position of the organization. Labor and Delivery is a unique service line that requires intensive staffing. Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, MHCC has lost a number of nursing staff, forcing a reliance on traveling nurses and creating a financial imbalance operationally.”

The post stated that MHCC Administration and the MHCC Women's Clinic will work together with patients to ensure a smooth transition.

"This announcement follows the April 27th press release introducing the new nursing scholarship program, created in response to the unprecedented demand for nurses," the post stated.

The response from the community has so far not been a positive one.

"This is insane. Why can’t they give a little notice, at least out of respect for patients that are due to have their baby soon???," one commenter asked.

In response, the hospital stated that "this decision was made yesterday at 3:30 pm. We have shared this information as quickly as possible and will continue to communicate and remain transparent with both staff and the community."

Another commenter said that the hospital "is going to lose out on so many patients ($) and amazing doctors & nurses because of this decision. How sad for our town."

MHCC stated that "timelines are still being determined," and noted that this decision will not take effect immediately.

A Rawlins resident added a bit of levity to the conversation, by saying "Wow! I'm due in 4 weeks. Guess if I go into labor I'll be driving all the way to rock springs in hopes of holding the baby in."

News of this decision came just a day after the hospital announced 'Patient Experience Week.'

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County stated that more details will be made available in the future.

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