The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently posted video showing they stock fish in high alpine lakes.

According to Game and Fish, 136,000 trout were stocked in Wyoming's lakes using a helicopter. This video shows the process in the Snowy Range.

According to the department, fish are stocked in high alpine lakes using helicopters, on horseback or backpack. Helicopters are the primary method.

Here's how it works, according to Game and Fish:

  • Fish are transferred from hatchery trucks to a fabricated cylinder, which is attached to the helicopter by a cable.
  • The tank has eight cylinders that hold roughly 3-5 gallons of water and up to 20 lbs of fish. Fish range from 1 to 6 inches in length, but are typically about 3 inches. Different species of fish may be in a cylinder depending on the lake to be stocked.
  • Oxygen is added to each cylinder.
  • Each cylinder has a door that opens to release fish as the helicopter flies over the lake. The pilot triggers several or individual tanks for precise stocking.
  • Game and Fish gives the pilot the lake's GPS coordinates along with aerial images to ensure the right lake is stocked.

Nearly all the fish survive the plunge.

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