There is a reason why television channels (and shows), like National Geographic are so popular. It is because nothing is quite as fascinating as witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat. It's also one of the reasons why millions of tourist flock to Yellowstone National Park each year, especially during the summer months.

Recently, on the Montana side of America's first national park, a mama grizzly bear was captured nursing a cub on video.

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The 52-second video was uploaded to the official Yellowstone Wolf Tracker Facebook page. In addition to the footage, the video post was captioned:

We had an incredible opportunity to witness this grizzly bear sow nursing her cub. These are moments we rarely see and are so special to be able to share.
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Video by: @jamiecopeland474
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While not all species of bears are known for maternal instincts, grizzly bear sows are often that exception. Yearlings (or young bears between the ages of one and two years old), tend to stay with their mothers for roughly around one and a half years. Afterwards, they leave the family unit in search of their own area to live.

When moments like these are captured on video and shared via social media, it really highlights why areas like Yellowstone National Park are so important to our country.

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