Senator John Barrasso recently appeared on Fox Business and spoke with Fox News' Larry Kudlow about President Biden's upcoming announcement regarding his 'Build Back Better' Infrastructure Plan- a plan which will overhaul U.S. infrastructure and manufacturing.

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Though the Biden Administration has not unveiled it's Infrastructure Plan yet (Biden is set to announce the plan on Wednesday) rumors abound on what it could include, and Senator Barrasso has already called the plan a 'Trojan Horse,' used to disguise what he believes Democrats actually want to spend money on.

"This is a trojan horse, what the Democrats are doing, for more Liberal spending and much higher taxes," Barrasso stated. "Infrastructure means: highways, roads, bridges. The kind of things that I got through the Environment and Public Works Committee that I chaired, unanimously, that Bernie Sanders supported and I supported. That’s bipartisan infrastructure. That’s what we oughta be doing. That’s the model that we oughta be using for the country."

Various reports from CNBC, The Washington Post and more report that Biden's massive $3 trillion plan will be split into two parts; one focusing on the aforementioned public works, such as the highways, roads, bridges and more, while the other part will focus more on what some are calling the 'care economy,' which will focus on jobs, healthcare, and childcare.

During Senator Barrasso's appearance, he alleged that the 'care economy' is the prime focus of Biden's plan.

"That’s not what the Democrats wanna do," Barrasso stated. "They wanna do all sorts of social things. They’re talking about free community college, free daycare, free senior care and then, of course, the punishing regulations of the Green New Deal. And you add on that all the taxes, that they’re talking about- taxes on individuals, taxes on businesses. And they’re trying to resurrect the death tax. The difference could not be more clear."

CNBC reported that "Biden has promised not to raise taxes on those making under $400,000 a year. The White House recently clarified that income threshold would apply to individuals and families."

Barrasso told Fox News that it will still be the middle class who end up paying the cost of this plan.

"What the Democrats are pursuing here; they’re actually working on wealth redistribution," he said. "When you raise taxes and they say ‘well, it’s only gonna be on businesses and on high earners,’ people pay taxes, businesses don’t pay taxes. They pay taxes through lower wages, through higher costs when they buy things. People all across the country, the middle class ends up paying the price of these tax increases."

The full video of Senator Barrasso's appearance can be seen below:

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