Potential development west of Casper brought historians interested in local archeology out last week to make a request of the Natrona County Commission.

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Carolyn Buff is a historian with the Natrona County Historic Preservation Commission and she explained to County Commissioners the concern she and her colleagues have as development creep moves toward areas known to be part of the Oregon Trail.

"We asked them if there was any way they could put into developer contracts, or make a suggestion to developers to be aware of cultural remains since we are working heavily in cultural heritage tourism these days."

Buff says they'd like a document put together that reminds developers and contractors that they're working in areas that include Oregon Trail sites.

"And we would ask them to watch for human remains as well as cultural artifacts from the Oregon Trail era and then if it's human remains, to let the coroner know."

It's the coroners job to determine that bones are indeed historical and not from a crime scene.

Buff says they already have an agreement with the Wyoming Department of Transportation for the area traversed by the, soon to be constructed, Casper west bypass. That agreement includes wayside markers and interpretive signs. She says the process does not have to take a long time, " and we wouldn't shut anyone down, just get in and get what we had to, and get out.